Partial Differential Equations 1

Problem session, room K9, Thursdays, 13:00-13:45, 2019

This is the webpage for the problem-session of Partial Differential Equations 1.

Reminder! On the 27th of November at 17:20 there will be a midterm test of 45 minutes.

Attachement of the lecture: Convolution estimate

The weakly exercise sheets are below.

Sheet 11, due on the 9th of January 2020.

Sheet 10, due on the 12th of December.

Sheet 9, due on the 5th of December.

Sheet 8, due on the 28th of November.

Sheet 7, due on the 21st of November.

Sheet 6, due on the 14th of November.

Sheet 5, due on the 7th of November.

Sheet 4, due on the 31th of October.

Sheet 3, due on the 24th of October.

Sheet 2, due on the 17th of October.

Sheet 1, due on the 10th of October.


  1. PDEs lecture notes (in Czech) are available here: (
  2. L. C. Evans, ‘Partial differential equations’ ; in particular the prerequisites for the current lecture can be found in the Appendix